To Keep Sexy Become The Women’s Mission

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

One Of The Starring In “Sex and the City” : Kim Cattrall

Beauty and the young are always together. For centuries, women are painstaking in order to maintain a youthful appearance. Now, the young woman has become eligible for each of the household goods, to keep sexy is almost women’s mission in the life.

“To stay young, older women under great pressure. Press a then equated with beauty and youth.” London, cosmetic plastic surgery center of ENT doctors Lydia Badia said. Her clients are mostly four or five-year-old women, they generally want to become 20 years younger. According to statistics of the British Association of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery centers owned by the association last year, implemented a total of 32,453 operations, of which women accounted for 91%. Implementation of the lift surgery increased by 37% the number of women, which has become the third most popular cosmetic surgery. In addition, eyelid surgery and brow to enhance their beauty are also very common way.

“I have not done plastic surgery, but I will do it sooner or later. No worse than the old thing.” Sex and the City “inside the middle-aged woman is so beautiful. As long as there are ways, why do not improve our appearance? ” 45-year-old accountant Laura Tanner said.


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