To Be Young, Learn Hollywood Star Camouflage!

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Dress

Kim Cattrall, 51, still has a 25-year-old girl good figure that will be the envy, but the number of which she has paid a price? How many women her age that could boast of his visible rib cage, clavicle, and close to the strong chest? She taught us, “Every day I have a strict diet, over a 40-year-old, you have to do.”

Elizabeth Hurley is 43-year-old middle-aged Hollywood’s sexiest mother, recently also shooting a group of bikini ads, demanding nothing more than the secret of her diet and exercise. The same 43-year-old “Desperate Housewives” actor in Bree
Marcia Cross also claimed that eating the most effective. Demi Moore has spent on plastic surgery for 20 million pounds. The actress is very dedicated, can they really are a good example of women the same age it?

The exposure of middle-aged female star has never been so high. “Sex and the City” contributed to, it broke the 40-year-old girls and women between the aesthetic boundaries. On the surface, the age of the Hollywood actress is no longer for the business as usual harsh. However, the true age and the appearance of aging is still two different things. Such as Jane Fonda, even declared that “like their wrinkles,” the old stars, their appearance is also much younger than their actual age. If Carrie Bradshaw threw away her fancy those lovely fashion, “Sex and the City” would someone like to watch it? Middle age does not matter, but not show its age.


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