Clothes Taste Hollywood Star Who Were Born after 80s

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Dress

After 80 successful upper has various industries within the world an indisputable fact that, even if a lot of heavyweight “old age” the power of the Hollywood actress is no exception. They are the darling of fashion, red carpet stimulants, and they work hard by the world, and relying on family influence so smooth they will win more sought after!

Kirsten Dunst Birthdate: April 30, 1982 to say that her fate is really very, very good leap from child star status today, have too many good opportunities for contemporary female artist jealous, show too much talent for sure However, her taste in clothes is hard to distraught.

Jessica Alba Birthdate: April 28, 1981 often can not have both sexy and innocent, and young like her debut, the cause of well-organized but still cherish the reputation of the work of female artists is also down to earth really not much, the dress is both sexy and cute side, When the noble elegance, dress the girl next door is friendly easy-going, hard.

Keira Knightley Birthday: March 26, 1985 Imagine, in addition to her women who can become a pirate? Brave and calm, wild and classical – Nicole Kidman? Well, maybe, but after all, you can not rewind … … Keira Knightley with her youthful vigor and success of the host elegant taste.

Mischa Barton Birthday: January 24, 1986 has a lean body, after all, professional model of the skeleton, look good in anything, delicate facial features and stubborn personality
also won the favor of fashion, style on the red carpet suffered praise, more Needless to say, the daily dress photographed by paparazzi often fans to follow, even after the boutiques will hang in her patronizing “Misha choose the bag” … … have to admit, sometimes the natural grade.
Jessica Simpson Birthday: July 10, 1980 alone taste of her dress, it and the “new generation of America’s Sweethearts,” the name does not match, this girl looks relatively inanimate, young and sexy appearance to the better, but always ” matchmaker “shape appearance – but they are where the character does not seem to … …


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