Personality Styles Knit Cardigan

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Dress

Today in the pursuit of unique and varied, traditional style knitted cardigan has long been unable to meet after the MM are a large number of 90S, brainstorms ideas and creative design in order to firmly take hold of the personality who led the hearts of young MM:

01 Bright a combination of green and white striped sweater is very eye-catching, which deal with the snow through the micro-folds T + lips red and white cotton shorts, emitting a strong England overall style, foot shoes and shirt tail echo green .

02 For the tall and thin MM,  denim hot pants and vests are not significant relative to take the sexy vulgar, light gray wool cardigan to add to the overall sense of a more coordinated, feet pretty socks with soft green color. This outfit is definitely a very creative costume.

03 Very soft, light gray cardigan, baggy style more casual feeling, rendering low-cut legs Leggings TEE and unanimously selected the cotton material that looks very texture.

04 Irregular cut this coffee color design is the biggest highlight of sweaters, shoulder and hem embellished with a shred of feeling you want to break free of shackles, lower body exposed bevel cut chiffon skirt and blouse look Yebian also very sexy.

05 Sites chosen sleeves glossy cloth with stitching, black wool cardigan made this super-popular punk rich style, the blue end of the lake inside the arc design shirt hem was very epitome of Chinese bibs, black tight pants Leggings highlights leg curves.

06 Light violet wool cardigan pattern of rough bar looks very comfortable inside with this lovely and cute snow white dress, skirt revealing a body somewhat sweet flash design sense, a large black-rimmed glasses add you as a fairy elf out of the world.

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