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A thought that There are three progressive approach to the realm: appropriateness – the beauty – personality for “wearing of clothing”. First you must be in good taste and then on the basis of the appropriate manifest beauty, the highest realm is really my personality and style of piercing. But in real life, she was deeply see that many women to get “beauty” while ignoring the basic “decent”, and it is widespread in the workplace situation, not only colleagues whispered in mind, but olse this person’s professional image is also large discount. In fact, the workplace clothing is not just to express individuality carrier, it can also transport you to play a decisive role in the workplace, only to wear the right clothes can help you get good karma, good air circulation and good job in the workplace.

The higher the contrast ratio was a strong

A: Your career women’s wardrobes have any suggestions?

B: First, we decorated clothing section is divided into two basic models and classes. Basic models low-key and difficult to date, can be repeated several times wearing, classic, easy to match. For example, a single color shirt, jacket, trench coat, Zhi Tongqun, pleated skirts, A dress, straight jeans, chimney pants, trousers, etc. Weila These are basic models. Decoration is the kind of high-profile models, a strong personality, very easy to identify the clothing styles. While giving a sense of fashion, but the vitality is relatively short, very easy to date.

I suggest that women in the workplace wardrobe to basic models, supplemented by a number of decorative models. If you are engaged in personalized art work of women in the workplace, you can decorate the corresponding increase in the proportion of money in the closet.

Workplace with the nudity, sexy draw the line

A: What is the women in the workplace taboos to avoid?

B: First, avoid dirty clothes and swagger workplace, for example, large sequins, holes in jeans, sneakers and more. Second, the workplace should not be too sexy and feminine, halter top, sexy body wrapped in knitted clothes to avoid the dragon spruce. Workplace with the nudity, sexy draw the line. Third, avoid Zhuangnen, a cartoon images, text, clothes do not wear to the workplace.

A: When women in the workplace in the selection of accessories needs attention?

B: First, choose jewelry for a few principles: do not shake do not shake, do not flash off, quietly. Suggest that you select the precious metals, diamonds, pearls and other low-key and fine jewelry.

Workplace than 8 cm heel, or in the office not only mobility but also make noise when walking, people unhappy. Slope with, trifle, and toe and heel of the shoes do not wear, people seem less professional.

To choice stockings also learned, there are black, gray, dark in the right color, you can choose thick or thin material according to the season . The stockings have some pattern, color and swelling sense wool socks should be chosen in heart. The choice of the package shall recommend options acceptable, wild, and classic style to accommodate.

With the arrival of spring, warmth make people lazy and not to mention a little vigorously, if this condition need a cup of coffee, or I want to say I need refresh a bright spring. 70’s romantic young girls will always be brought back at this moment with the bright colors and flowing floral cloth, endless Spring of Marc by Marc Jacobs are telling you summer are coming, and it is time to be sexy.

Style Flash

MMJ has always been good with fresh color to take people, more of a Chromic full-season release, the use of red, the color blue, bright yellow, orange and rainbow colors, and so eye-catching color, while infiltration of gray, sandy, cream for reconciliation. Design around the 70’s romance and charm, fun and lively, as a wave-like skirts, filling lines, high waist pants leg, loose material flowing silk shirt, a high degree of freedom of the law; with the original rough season is not immature One of Simone Stripe, Geometric kaleidoscope of Arielle Bloom, the lovely Colette Flower Floral printed map of three Eucalyptus, will miss the chance to cast a new wave of 70s each product.

Colorful Shoes And Purer Handbags

At the same time, small objects is a continuation of maiden feelings. Marc spend Dot handle, flower diagram Eucalyptus and rainbow stripes, and selecte of PVC, nylon fabric and other materials as the body bags, of course there is a series of Miss Marc ornaments for colorful eye-catching. Footwear is used the natural quiet pastel colors instead, simple the style of sandals and point to the sole basis of rattan, all the designs are in his calculation.

This unique large black scarf like the scattered lotus leaves, it is particularly significant to coupled with such a simple jeans, as if it is the protagonist in the overview, also like the false lead set in jeans, so that one is full of personality and taste.

This black scarf sleeves feel very similar to the personalized, one looked white long-sleeved T-shirt, black long paragraph above scarves, highlighting the very obvious, especially to the love of the general personality to go this route scarves absolutely MM Is preferred.

Black nylon scarves looks rustic, when coupled with this one simple casual wool jacket, looked decent overall style, black nylon fabric and white cotton T-shirt, so the overall look decent, giving a Girl next door kind of feeling.

Lattice pattern has been the most romantic of all the patterns, the French man has always been tartan scarf, this British style long hood, not only made the girl very lovely, and gives the impression of a pure and lovely, like The feeling of the little girl next door, black with red scarves were also made to make this a cute style.

Camouflage pattern has been the first choice for modern woman, this rectangular fan Army green color pictures to give a strong shape, daunting, the temperature is really genuine demeanor correct.

Knitted wool scarves, of course is very warm, thick scarf, but easy for the whole dress is very heavy, but if you are relatively tall, MM, take a look at the figure models wearing method, random around the neck , The clutter in the United States revealed a neutral.

The large black triangular square is not the same, slightly Iraq-style atmosphere, making the dress a lot of avant-garde but not play, even if the scarf is so low-key, but it always to be the focus of the whole street. Both of the unique texture and avant-garde design seem so extraordinary.

Suit with its attractive appearance design, clean lines and smooth, three-dimensional sense of strong, wide adaptability and other characteristics of more and more popular by the people. Almost universal world of clothing, can be described as men and women safe. Doing seven suits, three in the wear. Suit selection and mix is ​​quite an art. Choose a suit have to consider the color, size, price, fabric and workmanship, we can not ignore the appearance of lines and proportions. Suit does not have to pay attention to high-grade material, but must cut fit, clean and straight. Choose a color dark, calm, and no obvious patterns, but some high-end monochrome fabric suits, wide application of occasions, wear a long time and higher utilization rate.

Wearing a suit should follow the principles of etiquette:

1. Suits the color should be consistent from top to bottom loading. In the match, the suits, shirts, ties which should be different from the plain.

2. To wear suits to wear shoes, slippers, shoes and sneakers are appropriate.

3. With suit and shirt color should be color coordinated with the suit, can not be the same color. White shirt with various colors of the suit results are good. Formal occasions, men should not wear brightly colored plaid shirt or suit. Suit sleeve shirt cuff should grow 1-2 cm. Solemn occasions, in formal wear to suit and tie, on other occasions does not necessarily have to wear a tie. Buttoned shirt collar and tie must be fastened, shirt collar is not buttoned and tie should be untied.

4. Suit buttons with a single row, double the points, Button-line with stress: double-breasted suits are buttoned buttons should be. Single-breasted suit: a button, the system on demure, chic open; two buckle, a buckle is the only line the top foreign flavor, orthodox, is the only system following an arrogant, air flow, all wear is a rustic, are Department is not open to smart, handsome, full deduction and the deduction is only the second tablets of irregularities; three button, the system or only the top two lines are together the middle of a specification.

5. Suit jacket pocket and pants pocket should not put too many things. Do not wear too much underwear to wear a suit, a shirt with only the spring and autumn the best, which do not wear shirts in winter Mianmao Shan, a shirt can be worn outside the sweater. Wear over-sized suit would undermine the overall lines of the United States.

6. Tie the colors, patterns should be coordinated with the suit and tie, the tie to reach the length of the belt buckle is appropriate, tie worn on the shirt the fourth, fifth between grain buttons.

7. Suit cuffs should be remove trademark license, otherwise do not meet the specifications wearing suits, elegant occasions, will make people laughable.

8. Note that the maintenance of suit. Maintenance of storage methods, the shape of the suit and wear life of great influence. High-end suits to hanging and often in the ventilation to dry, pay attention to insects and moisture. A wrinkle in the bath can be linked to the bathroom after using the steam to make wrinkles start, and then hung in the ventilation.

Attending formal occasions men wear suits, uniforms, should adhere to the principle of three colors, namely, the color of the body not more than three colors or three colors (shoes, belts, purses should be a color or color), can not wear nylon stockings and white socks.

OL Come To See These Pattern Scarf

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Dress

Who don’t like floral can choose this pattern of large flowers fringed scarfto show mature elegant charm, it will be very nice with a white shirt!

Pieces of red flower vine pattern very spring, the white material on the even more mouthwatering.

Patterns Green with blue and white pattern, a unique way to knit scarves amplified sense of fashion, casual dress can be decorated with a plain your temperament.

The pattern is full of idyllic atmosphere, so you even more impressive in the spring. With a solid spring, so this is very small flowers decorated scarves gently enough !

OL nation who like the wind, this pattern of red and white scarves totem fashion sense was very significant.

When you tie this wine red scarf, bright full; plain has been very eye-catching design, coupled with strap leaves retro, elegant in a little playful.

Elegant with lovely green dot patterns, rural spark fresh clashes; do not know whether you like it? With your sweet dress, so that the office is full of vitality!

Why plain fabric accessories are more welcomed by the women do? As compared to other ladies accessories for pattern design, comparing wild plain.

Very scarf style gas field, Mature OL were the favorites, make you more feminine Oh. All open, then the width comparable to shawls, spring and summer are for !

The cloth of main color is big red with white flowers & black flower vine as decoration, which is very festive feel, and suitable for round neck clothing! This does not seem very cumbersome with!

Lindsay Lohan has been black box modeling too long ago, accounting for 1 / 3 of the face was robbed opera glasses, and let Lilo looks much cleaner, better than her freckled face and dirty oil to the country. Today, the shelves have a big black box all the actress, but the view of wearing effect, the black singer Michelle Williams has finer lines of the face for far less than Demi Lovato of cute little round face. The former seems somewhat smart sophisticated feel, while the latter is more like a pro and friendly girl next door.

Britney Spears usher in the third time since the marriage, became home to a low-key it. Now you rarely see her bare waistline, Bling Bling or Jitu flirt like appearance, but more to the return of her sweet cute. Britney fell in love with this recently, “Ala Lei fund” in the framework of large mirror, a convex mirror effect, you can enlarge the eyes, though a bit eccentric, but it looks very innocent. Britney’s possession of particularly large, but the most flavor of the large round black frame, white square section a variety of models and variations. It seems Britney is to cos Ala Lei as the new acting career.

Although the narrow-rimmed glasses is not popular to do one or two days, saying it did not much novelty, but had to admit, it still has the female star of the impact can not be ignored. Basically can say this: If you want to install about ladies, and take about intellectual route, then pick one were thin black frame glasses is a must. Of course, depends on matching of clothes, such as Megan Fox, black-rimmed glasses with motorcycle jacket styling, at most, be regarded as a hot female teachers; but like Kristine Wu case, from hair to dress to smile, to Pose, are dedicated to Ladies put on the full range of superior children, coupled with a graceful black frame were thin to live together, the absolute intellectual beauty!

If the time back a decade ago, wearing a pair of designer glasses frames wide, and then exposed exaggerated Logo, it is absolutely Fashion Icon live sign. But today, this style has apparently no convincing, broad-brimmed glasses when it was already recruiting business for not to be see. Especially when the time frame itself is nothing unique, eye-catching get another broadside on the more people feel insipid. Sharon Stone shape of this body black, black velvet and black leather pants hit, had very sharp, and if so out chances to win the applause, the result of a super boring to wear broad-brimmed glasses, immediately become shopping pedestrians, thanks to Aunt laughed so brilliant. Pedestrians is of course Jamie Lynn Spears, was photographed at the airport look of the thing, it is estimated nobody can recognize her.

More than the broad-brimmed cup mirror is oval with a black box, not quite sure which year’s models, very homely old-fashioned shape, as if watching TV at home, reading glasses will be used. Housewives who prefer this style, Megan Mullally, or such veteran actress Jane Lynch, a group of street shooting casually, all wearing black-rimmed oval glasses, plus dress casual clothes, but look old. Do not fly is relatively Julianne Hough and Sadie Frost, Ai less obviously young, trendy clothes take too avant-garde, but unfortunately wearing the wrong glasses, the whole body all broken gas field, living to be included in the ranks of Mother to buy food.

Compared with actress have different in their taste of black-rimmed glasses, actor who seems much more unified, to sum up, it seems that only such square black-rimmed glasses has been high in the actor’s preferences chart. Either they beat appearance on street, or stage a show. When you can not find a more appropriate accessories, a wave of the flavor black-rimmed glasses will make modeling more taste.

In march, the temperatures do not get warmer, lady wear a scarf should be not few, but how to make both functional warm and fashionable scarves to steal the spotlight? It would take to come to learn the stars. No matter whatt dress style they are, scarves play a very important role in the overall shape, we can say is the not lack of it.

Zoe Saldana SuperFine with a color printed scarf with a black coat and really add the finishing touch, the overall feeling her up and immediately become active, even after walking in the snow, the way Xiao Sema also still feel that the spring in the air.
Dianna Agron’s this printed scarves in her overall style is so important! But for this scarf, gray sweater and the big blue jeans with a too modest.

Heidi Klum this tie-dyed scarf is quite eye-catching, long style it just as a long coat of his breast decorated with quite a bit of “beggars” temperament.

Whenever the leopard are so eye-catching! But do not want to wear too fancy if you want the scarf highlights, like Bar Refaeli have the black leather and pants with a dark green to match on the right, it is not too handsome swagger overall style, the visual focus is to the leopard scarf and primary and secondary in there.