In the International Sculpture Art Exposition held in Hui’an in November, the on-site carving process of the shadow carving became a beautiful landscape of the entire exhibition hall. Many tourists will stop at the shadow carving product display area. While everyone is wondering the carving techniques of shadow carving, Xiao Bian will also briefly introduce the application of Huian Shadow Sculpture in real life and its popular reasons. .
The reason why an item is loved by more and more people must be because its characteristics in some aspects meet the needs of people. The reason why Shadow Carving is getting more and more favored is nothing more than this. In our on-site observation, we found that the shadow carving is the use of a steel brazing tool that is thinner than the needle, relying on the sculpting master’s wrist force and carving experience to handle the details and light, and carving on the smooth ink stone. Similar to the traditional form of plane painting, that is, the shadow carving has all the features and display basis of the plane painting. As we all know, our hand-painted paintings will oxidize during actual use, and will become blurred after a long time. Even if there are superb photography techniques and image restoration techniques, they will gradually fade over time. Even lost, many precious pictures could not be preserved for decades or even hundreds of years. The appearance of shadow carvings just made up for this shortcoming, especially the appearance of color shadow carving techniques complemented the shortcomings of black and white shadow carving.
With the increasing popularity of shadow carving, many young people will choose to engrave wedding images or family portraits on stones and paint them. This is very useful for preservation. The ancestral hall has great educational and commemorative significance as a place for the ancestors to miss and inherit the clan. It records the glorious deeds of ancestors and the planeization of shadow eagles does not occupy too much space. In addition, gravestones are placed outdoors in the cemetery. The open air environment consumes a lot of photos and paintings. The shadow eagle can maintain its stability for a long time both indoors and outdoors, and it is not easily weathered. After several decades or even hundreds of years, the picture is still clearly visible. The people’s persistent obsession with the dead also further promoted the application of shadow carving in the cemetery, and its role in accumulating more and more is becoming more and more significant.
The Xiamen BRIC Conference and the November International Sculpture Exposition brought a larger and brighter display platform to shadow carving. The development of Huian Shadow Sculpture has been greatly promoted and promoted. Shadow carving is a unique carving technique that is unique to Hui’an, Fujian, and has its uniqueness in the region. Hui’an also has the reputation of “the hometown of stone carvings in the world”. Whether it is carving techniques or quality, it is trustworthy. It is Huian’s. Pride is also a cultural heritage that the country is proud of.


We all know that stone is a kind of non-renewable resource. When it is used less, the government has adopted a series of measures to limit and limit the mining of the mine, whether it is in environmental protection or out of resource protection, and to reduce the amount of stone as much as possible. The amount of exploitation. This is because of these reasons.angel headstones Since this time, the price of stone has risen at a rapid rate, and the production cost of stone tombstones has also been rising. Some stone carving manufacturers often use this to make up for price advantage in an increasingly competitive market. However, some stone carving demanders are still confused about how to pick a good stone sculpture.
touch. Good quality granite stone, texture is hard and delicate, very texture and uniform particles, stone pattern can make the carved stone tombstone’s grade and appearance more flavor, better, and the service life is longer. The stone tombstone is a product placed outdoors. The granite stone is stable in nature and is not susceptible to corrosion and weathering. It is easy to place for a long time.

listen. The quality of granite stone is divided into several levels. Naturally, the density of stones of different quality and quality is not the same, and the sound when striking is naturally not the same. The sound of a good quality granite stone strikes is more crisp, and if there is a crack or other flaw inside the stone, it is knocked. The sound it makes when it hits will appear dull.
The above two methods are the most direct,muslim headstones and they are also the most intuitive reflections and judgments of stone quality. There is also a method of identification is to drop ink, some artificial stone uses a lot of dyes, it will cause harm to the human body, and all aspects of the indicators and there is a certain difference between the natural stone. After the ink is dripped, once the ink is not absorbed, spread around to prove that the quality of the stone is normal, or you can directly judge that this is not a natural granite stone.

When choosing a stone tombstone, learn more about the relevant selection techniques and expertise and avoid spending money on being cheated. Of course, Xiao Bian is not to instigate or criticize some stone carving manufacturers, but Xiao Bian is a firm firm opponent of mercenaryism. Xiao Bian believes that only by treating people with sincerity, conscientiousness, and quality can we retain occupants. Consumers also need to know how to identify the manufacturers when they custom-made stone carving tombstones. After all, information technology is very developed. The information on the Internet is very large, but there are not many signals, so consumers must know how to find the actual manufacturers. The stone carving factory of the exhibition hall custom-made cooperation to ensure a pleasant consumer experience.






Model Number:Y-674
Item Type:Outerwear & Coats
Outerwear Type:Vest
Clothing Length:Short
size:XS S M L XL XXL
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Can bear radial load and axial load, high speed, the greater the contact angle, the higher the axial load carrying capacity.
Single-row ball bearing can only withstand axial load in one direction, in the radial load, will cause additional axial force. And can only limit axial displacement of the shaft or housing in one direction. If pairs of dual-installed, so that a pair of bearing outer ring relative to the wide end of the wide face, narrow face of the narrow face. This will avoid additional axial forces, and the shaft or housing can be limited in both directions in the axial clearance range. Angular contact ball bearing up to 70 kinds of variable structure.

1, the nominal contact angle of 15 °, 25 °, 40 ° three, the greater the contact angle the higher the axial load carrying capacity. High precision and high-speed bearings usually take 15 ° contact angle, the axial force, the contact angle will increase.
2, generally for the inner or outer ring with a lock mouth, inner and outer ring can not be separated. The outer ring is heated and expanded and assembled with the inner ring, the rolling element and the cage assembly. Ball load than the number of deep groove ball bearings, rated load in the ball bearing the largest, strong rigidity, smooth operation.
3, you can use the inner and outer ring to adjust the radial clearance of mutual displacement. Often used in pairs, and the application of pre-load to improve the bearing rigidity. learn more:

You determine what type of paint to use. Oil paints are heavy texture, mineral spirits need thinning. Acrylic is usually less severe and is water-based, which means they can be diluted with ordinary tap water.

Crowded paint palette alone dollops of some burnt ocher, Square Canvas Prints. With the palette knife, scoop up a small amount of paint umber and a separate area placed on the palette. Slowly add white paint color from dark brown to mid brown brown create gradient. To add more warmth to brown, add a very small amount of red or yellow pigment.

In mid-brown base paint to the canvas with a brush. Retaining layer smooth, without any texture temporarily.

Continue to increase the layers of paint to create your brown in various shades of paint palette. Do not be too technical; wood is a natural material, is not perfect, nor are all the same color. When painting, use a long, vertical strokes to mimic different levels found in wood.

If you are using oil-based paint, or water, if you’re using an acrylic resin with a rag soaked in mineral oil.Panoramic Canvas Prints Remember, acrylic dry quickly; this must be in the paint is still wet to complete. Squeeze your hand very lightly drag rag down the vertical scanning canvas. This will pick up some of the paint and the surface of the leaves look texture.

Back in a very small brush and midtones, and dark shades of paint, to create vertical “grain” line. These lines should not be straight. You can use instead of a long line short, quick strokes texture lines.

Let painting nearly dry, if you are using oil-based paint. Repeat step 5 or more weather sheet, smear painting, rather than rubbing it. The acrylic resin was added a small drop of white paint to the glass of water. Paint whitewash optical layer, and rub with a cloth, to further resist film.

Stone age and durability

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A high position in the decorative stone materials, but also has an irreplaceable decorative, widely used on the building of “window dressing”, so the owners are hoping the building of stone with the same vitality. It has good durability of stone, not only to ensure the beauty installed outside the building, but can be extended refurbishment cycle of a building. So make as there are landscaping stone walls and floor and decoration materials hall, you must do the following aspects of the stone of study:
1, the physical properties of the stone must be able to withstand including gravity, wind off, vibration, temperature changes damage, wear, load and many other external forces. This requires a variety of stone to high intensity, especially high-mounted stone.
2, the chemical properties of the stone tile must have considerable resistance to weathering, hydration, dissolution, dehydration, acidification, reduction and carbonate chemical attack. To do this we must let the stone waterproof.
3, the structural strength of the stone in the selection of directional such as: slate, shale, must pay attention to its structural strength in different directions.
4, water absorption of stone was mined at the end of the molecular structure is relatively stable, but when exposed to the atmosphere, took place between bad fit inside the stone minerals, such as limestone with acid (sulfurous acid gas in the air reacts with water substance) was dissolved table form calcium sulfate, resulting in the collapse of the sandstone and the like. Therefore, should try to choose the stone selected as the stone pore distribution, small aperture, low water absorption.

What is fluorite

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Fluorite, also known as calcium fluoride, is a common halide mineral, which is a compound, its composition is calcium fluoride, fluoride is an important mineral extraction. Fluorite there are many colors that can also be transparent and colorless. Transparent colorless fluorite can be used to produce special optical lens. Fluorite there are many uses, such as steel, aluminum production of flux, used to make opal glass, ceramic products, high-octane fuel and production of catalysts and so on. Fluorite general grainy or lumpy, with shiny glass, green or purple as much. Fluorite under ultraviolet light or regular cathode rays emitted blue-green phosphor, and its name is based on this feature from.stone
For the fluorite, usually it into gem and jade level. Gem fluorite requiring transparency, non-variegated, bright colors. Jade grade fluorspar assembly requires fine particles, dense, large block degrees. Because large fluorite products, rich colors, it is often made into a variety of jewelry, but its hardness than the end, do not wear should be together with natural crystal, the crystal will scratch fluorite! The collected directly from the fluorite mine down a certain radiation, can not be placed in the bedroom! flooring Common colors are light green to dark green, blue, green, blue, yellow, wine, yellow, purple, violet, gray, brown, red, dark red.

Cement production of industrial calcium fluorite fluorine content between 50-90,
Steel production of industrial calcium fluorite fluorine content between 75-90.
Coarse calcium fluorite fluorine content of about 80 for Porcelain, chemical, pharmaceutical production.
Fluorite powder, calcium fluorine content of less than 75, for all kinds of fine chemical, pharmaceutical and other production.